Jenifer helped our family through a stressful situation as we dealt with custody and child support issues. She is extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. Her attention to detail and communication with us was exceptional. We trusted her completely and felt that she had our family’s best interest at heart. She helped us through a difficult time and gave us peace of mind. In addition, she presents herself in such a friendly and personable manner. We would highly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with issues related to family law.
— I.A., Pinole

Katie really helped me thru a tough time. She was open and honest and ready to speak with me about my complicated situation. Her consultation gave me the direction and strength I needed to move forward. Unfortunately my case is not in the Bay Area so I was not able to use her services. But she gave me a great referral. I would definitely refer her to anyone looking for a great and supportive lawyer in the Bay Area.
— -L

Last year, I was faced with a very difficult and complicated experience of my life after my ex-wife accused me of child abuse to the local police department, child protective service, and the superior court. At an instant, my children were taken away without my chance to respond to allegations, I was left with a stack of confusing court documents and a restraining order that prohibit me from seeing my children. If you are in a similar predicament or less serious situation, you are probably spending hours searching and reading online reviews for a good lawyer. If you are looking for someone experienced in child abuse cases, stop wasting your time, because I had screened dozens of lawyers until I came across Jenifer Frudden. Instead of a 30 minute over the phone consultation, Jenifer invited me to her office the same day, she was very professional, sharp, patient, compassionate. Our meeting lasted almost two hours while Jenifer took pages of notes and asked countless questions. Half way into the meeting, I already knew Jenifer was the right choice that will champion for my cause.

During the long contentious court battle, Jenifer was very organized, and kept me well informed at all time. Her ability of recalling small details about my case amazed me, and proven to be extremely helpful during the multiple trials we had. On many occasions, she would try to help me reduce the expense by suggesting me to facilitate some of the tasks/errands. Inside the courtroom, Jenifer presented binders of exhibits and pads of prepared arguments with tactics, while the other attorney scrambled to locate exhibits from his briefcase and was all over the place. Not only did Jennifer demolish my ex-wife’s credibility but also her attorney’s trial strategy. She negotiated aggressively on my behalf and won the case by a landslide. Thanks to Jenifer’s relentless effort, I am able to be reunited with my children and regain their primary custody through the custody court battle. Having Jenifer on my side was the smartest decision and having her constant sight of interest in my children was a blessing. Having a lunatic ex-spouse is not the end of the world, but having the right knowledgeable attorney like Jenifer is my key.
— J., Castro Valley

While working with Jenifer, I appreciated that she really listened to me and what I wanted. She proved to be very knowledgeable of family law, and advised me accordingly each step of the way. Each time my case took a different turn, Jenifer advised me of the different approaches we could take, what my rights were, what I had to lose, what she recommended, and then respected my decisions whatever they were.
— M., San Francisco

Jenifer was amazing. This has been the most frightening time of my life not knowing what my parental and custodial rights are. Jenifer took the time to explain my options, and was very sincere in her concern for my kids and me. She was so helpful and made me feel much better about my situation. I would highly recommend Jenifer to anyone who is in this difficult situation. Thank you Jenifer!
— D.

Ms Frudden was extremely helpful. She was thorough and understood the law, but above all, she took the time to make sure I understood the law and where i stood with my case(s). I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking counsel in Family Law. Ms. Frudden is thorough, sensitive, patient, and actually cared to give me the best and most accurate information possible. If you are going through a rough time with your Family Law issues, she is the person to call. You will get the attention and care you need for a successful outcome.
— G